Mucha Quartet play Janacek






January - December 2016

 Mirror´s Hall of The Primate´s Palace
 operaMozart Classical


Juraj TOMKA – 1st violin
Andrej BARAN – 2nd violin
Veronika PROKEŠOVÁ - viola
Pavol MUCHA – violoncello

Leoš Janáček (1854 - 1928)                                                String Quartet No. 2 "Intimate Letters"
  1. Andante - Con moto - Allegro
  2. Adagio - Vivace
  3. Moderato - Andante - Adagio
  4. Allegro - Andante - Adagio
Antonín Dvořák (1841 - 1904)                                              String Quartet No. 12 in F major "American", op. 96
  1. Allegro ma non troppo
  2. Lento
  3. Molto vivace
  4. Vivace ma non troppo 

Ilja Zeljenka (21.12.1932 - 13.7.2007)

Musica slovaca: Skladba pre husle a sláčikový orchester na ľudové piesne z Čičmian

(Program is Subject to Changes)

The Mucha Quartet originated in 2003 at the Conservatorium in Bratislava and is one of the most promising young chamber ensembles in Slovakia. Since its establishment, the ensemble has won various awards at international competitions in Prague, Vienna and Lugano. In September 2015 they won the 1st prize at the 21st Leoš Janáček International Competition in Brno as well as the Prize for the Best interpretation of a work by L. Janáček. The Mucha Quartet performs regularly at different music festivals and cultural events at home and abroad.

The 2nd String Quartet, "Intimate Letters" is Janáček´s most intimate work, a work of love. In the composition, his own happiness and enchantment stems from his inner feelings of love and humanity and responsibility to man. In the quartet, mainly the viola is the symbol of Janáček´s yearning. All his musical ideas flow from a single core motif. To Mrs Kamila Stösslová, who inspired the work, he confided: "... for so many years, without knowing it, you have guarded me from all sides....". Janáček composed "Intimate Letters" during the last year of his life. The premiere was performed on 25 May 1928 by the Moravian Quartet.

The String Quartet in F major, the "American" by Antonín Dvořák is one of the most popular chamber works in the music repertoire. It demonstrates Dvořák´s inexhaustible melodic fantasy, true musical feeling and the spontaneity of his expressive means. Dvořák composed the String Quartet in F major during a summer stay in the American town Spillville, where he spent his first holiday with his family while Director of the Conservatory in New York. The Quartet was written in a very short space of time, in less than two weeks. On the last page, Dvořák wrote: "Thank God! I am content. It was fast!" The quartet is in four movements, with the second, slow, movement the most suggestive. Musicologists hear indications of Negro spirituals and Indian ritual songs in the work. The Quartet was premiered on New Year 1894 in Boston by the Kneisel Quartet.     

The concerts, which are part of the operaMozart Classical cycle in cooperation with SACKA (Slovak Association of Tour Operators and Travel Agents) and operaMozart agency form part of a series of events that we organize in Primate´s Palace for our clients of Danube River Cruises.

(Program is Subject to Changes)

36 € (A glass of wine is included in the price.) 
Pálffy Palace, Zámocká 47 
Free transport to the concert included in the price. 
Departure of Prešporáčik-Oldtimer from Hviezdoslav Sq 
15 mins. before the concert starts. 
When ordering more than 35 invoiced tickets, 
the tour operator has the right to determine 
its own date and time for the Pálffy Palace concert.




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